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Monthly Drop-in Movement Clinic
Jan 28, Feb 25, March 25, April 22, May 20
One Saturday a month
10am – noon

Priming the body is key in every aspect of daily life.

20 movements | Qigong | Balance & Coordination | Ensemble cohesion


Reserve a spot!


Open to all levels.

February 7 - March 28
Tuesday Nights
7pm - 10pm

Starting from the roots of classical pantomime, we progress to a fast-paced style of physical theater using gestural language. Working in ensemble to build micro and macro images that essentialize storytelling, this form of shared creation gets to grips with raw components of expression through the primacy of movement and action.


It all happens on a small playing area, or trestle. First introduced in the early 1900’s by Jacques Copeau, the trèteau nu or naked stage was used to develop simplicity and vital physicality. Reducing the space promotes clarity and cultivates imagination.


This is strong ensemble training and a lot of fun. The possibilities are limitless!


Open to all levels.

Clown Weekend
February 11 & 12
Saturday & Sunday
10am – 5pm

In Clown, we embark on the wondrous journey to rediscover innocence and uncover the
pleasure of play. It is a daring adventure, in which we open our fragile hearts in search of fun.
The little red nose (the smallest mask) is a great liberator. It requires generosity and summons
transparency, revealing our wonderful and complicated simplicity.

A riotous inquiry . . . a playful encounter . . . a look at our laughable & loveable selves.
We love clowns because they make us laugh while revealing the range of mythical and
emotional archetypes within each one of us.

To find your clown is to tap into your own, personal source of spontaneous
expressiveness and to experience the pleasure of play.

The honesty and openness we find in clown will follow us everywhere we go.

Open to all levels.

Clown 2/Eccentric Routines
March 18 & 19 
Saturday & Sunday
10am – 5pm

Bring all the commotion back in! Let’s dig around in your imagination and see what kind of a mess we can stir up. Drag in your troubles and we’ll shine a light on the nonsense and fragile ruckus together. Make a routine. Sing a song. Dance a dance. Tell a bad joke. Do a trick that doesn’t work. Find some hilarity connecting to the wonder of play and inevitable chaos.


The theme is eccentric, so foolish ideas and adventurous clothing are a good idea.


Prerequisite: Clown Weekend

5-day trainings
10am – 5pm
daily $650/1 session; $1200/2 sessions; $1700/all 3 sessions

June 15-19 Bouffon

June 21-25 Neutral Mask

June 28-July 2 Dynamic Studies in space, gesture & structure


Descriptions & details will be posted soon.


Open to all levels.

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