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Photo of Dody DiSanto

Dody DiSanto is a teacher, performer, director, movement specialist and manual therapist. She has nurtured a healthy practice in cross-fiber/connective tissue bodywork since 1992, while maintaining a vital career teaching theatre. Dody was trained in Paris, holding an esteemed position as a teaching protégé of the late Jacques Lecoq whose teachings she carries on at the Center for Movement Theatre. She is currently on the faculties of the Academy for Classical Acting for the Shakespeare Theatre at the George Washington University, and has served as guest teacher for Cirque du Soleil and at the Yale School of Drama. Dody also created and managed world-renowned live music venue, the 9:30 Club from 1980 - 1987.


My training in the performing arts took place in Paris in the 70’s under Jacques Lecoq, who taught a physical approach to theater of creation.

My pedagogy is not a technique, but rather an approach to mastery, training the actor’s body to be an open and resonant instrument available to reflect human behavior through the dynamics of space, force, and rhythm. Together, we will train your bodies to be instruments of poetry by supporting your physical aptitude, cellular wisdom, and muscular creativity.

We are vertical structures on a horizontal journey to find a state of equilibrium.
A lifelong project of both getting ourselves out of our own way, as well as finding the compass points of understanding that guide us to balance, awareness and ultimate health, both in life and our profession.

These beliefs bind the knowledge in our sinews with the urges in our hearts, manifesting traction through the age-old desire to play.

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